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Sears Sunrise Store-Citrus Heights, CA

This project involved conversion of half of the basement from storage to retail space, renovation of the entire first floor, and renovation of the retail space and most of the leased space on the second floor, a total of approximately 210,000 SF.  A load study was made to determine the adequacy of existing electrical system.  The work in the basement required design of new lighting and new duct work layout and air diffusers, for the converted area and modifications to the lighting in the existing storage area.  Three fire rated corridors were added to comply with fire codes requiring new lighting and exit lights.  This addition resulted in relocating some of the existing duct work, supply air diffusers and sprinkler heads and addition of fire dampers.
New in-floor receptacles, new lighting, and new branch circuit panel boards were required in the basement.  Wall mounted and column mounted receptacles were also added and some existing receptacles were renovated.  On the first and second floors, all lighting fixtures were replaced.  Receptacles were also relocated to accommodate the new retail fixture plan.  New panel boards were also added.

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