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 What Sets Us Apart


Prior to developing cost effective solutions, we work closely with our clients to understand project-specific issues, and continue that dialogue throughout the study and design phases. NBA’s performance is verified in the satisfaction expressed by our clients regarding our adherence to the schedule and contract budget. All assignments are approached comprehensively, utilizing sound technical principles and cost saving solutions. NBA has a proven in house Quality Assurance Quality Control program to ensure the highest quality deliverables are sent on time and within budget. Communication and coordination are critical to smooth project delivery. NBA encourages and participates in multi-discipline coordination meetings with the owner and/or architect. Early participation by consultants and contractors results in improved project delivery. We pay special attention to the contractor’s input of constructability as well as value engineering. In addition, before each formal submittal our designated QA/QC personnel will apply our in house QA/QC program to the project.

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