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This design/build project included the Pier 70 Historic Shipyard and industrial site which has been around since the Gold Rush and built the first steel ships on the Pacific.  It is the oldest working civilian shipyard in the U.S. and it is one of the largest ship repair yards on the west coast.   NBA provided the bridging document electrical design for the Pier 68-70.  NBA provided site visit and verified as-built drawings, design to replace obsolete 20 KV main distribution switchgear and PG&E metering section,  design to upgrade the very old and obsolete high voltage distribution system (Building’s switchgear and site underground 20 KV cabling system).  NBA upgraded 480 volt switchgear and 480 volt distribution system and disposed of all PCB contaminated Transformers (total of 11) and replaced them with new transformers.

Port of San Francisco, Pier 68 – 70 - San Francisco, CA

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