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PMSS for Interim Boarding Area B & Security Screening Checkpoint at SFO – S. San Francisco, CA

The $130M Design/Build Interim Boarding Area (IBAB) project scope included work at Terminal 1 pass the security checkpoints at level 1 and level 2 and roof level. This project reduces the existing 18 Gates down to a new 9 gate configuration that will primarily function on the west side of the building. Existing boarding bridges were replaced and locations adjusted to maximize capacity during the overall project construction (Future new BAB terminal construction).  Provided Project Management Support Services (PMSS. IBAB project included an interior refresh of the existing Boarding Area B, New Fire Alarm System, Fire Protection / Suppression Systems, MEP, ACS, and Security and Special system, and minor preparations to exterior utilities that will allow activation for the new BAB terminal construction. Some project goals were to protect client’s interest, oversee financial aspects of contracts estimates, change orders, proposals and claim documentation. Actively assisted with implementation, interpretation, and enforcement of safety plans and programs. Monitor and control construction through administrative direction to ensure project is built on schedule and within budget; examine situations and impose corrective measures.  Oversee project matters related to engineering, design and construction of HVAC, fire protection systems, security systems, audio visual systems (CCTV), surveillance cameras and electronic door locking systems as well as normal and emergency power.  Assist developing methods and procedures for building systems testing and commissioning electrical, fire protection systems. Familiar with applicable federal, state and local laws, California building codes and regulations including Title 24, Title 22, NEC, NFP A, and ADA regulations

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