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Los Arboles Elementary School- San Jose, CA

Provided complete mechanical/plumbing engineering services for all phases of the project, including schematic design, design development, construction documents, bid/award and construction administration.  Plumbing/mechanical engineering services included all design, documentation and coordination of all required HVAC systems, and plumbing system within five feet of buildings including sanitary drainage, waste and vent system, new plumbing fixtures, roof drains and storm drainage system, natural gas distribution from the meter, fire protection main supply and riser only, plumbing and piping systems for science lab per SFUSD Laboratory Design Standards.  Provided Title 24 energy compliance calculations for mechanical systems and building envelopes.  Provided plumbing plans and specifications for Rest Rooms 1 and 2 and Utility Room including (HW, CW, W, V).  A small gas fired water heater was provided.

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