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Islais Creek MUNI- San Francisco, California

The site is almost eight and one-half acres when it is assembled. It borders property under the I-280 freeway, Indiana Street, Islais Creek and Cesar Chavez. This will be a state-of-the-art rubber tire fleet (40-foot fleet) facility; it will house 165 vehicles and be a full service, operations and maintenance facility. So essentially, the vehicles will be housed, dispatched and maintained within its premises. Extensive site preparation will be necessary due toxics in the soil from its former wartime and industrial uses. The soil must be decontaminated; the land--due to its being low-lying--must be upgraded to withstand flooding, soil subsidence and construction of the shoreline park public improvements. It is estimated that these improvements will be approximately $6.5 million. This project is also part of the Citywide green building effort. These tasks are part of Phase 1 and were completed August 2008. Under Phase 2 construction of the operations and maintenance facility was done. Work on these features was scheduled to begin in August 2008 and run through August 2010. Muni has control of all areas except for approximately 2.4 acres that is owned by CalTrans. Staff and the City Attorney worked to acquire CalTrans property through a “friendly condemnation” of this property to complete the project.  The total project contract is approximately $23 million.  Because of the site problems, all underground improvements must be done in one project.  NBA provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for MUNI’s new maintenance facility and the CNG fuel system facility.  The building is a 16 bay bus operation facility with a tire shop, wash building, dispensing station, meet and greet facility, bus storage and employee parking lot.  NBA provided mechanical/electrical and plumbing design for a MUNI administration building adjacent to the bus facility.

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