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Bret Harte Elementary School-San Francisco, CA

Bret Harte was constructed in 1954 and had major renovation in 1969. It is 79,000 square feet and is in the Bayview Hunters Point District. Prop. 39 bond money is financing major mechanical, electrical and plumbing and fire protection upgrades. It is being designed under CHPS guidelines. Replaced piping, piping insulation, valves, etc. on all 2 piped heating system. Replaced hot water circulating pumps with same capacity pumps. Replaced all toilet exhaust fans for the bathrooms with same capacity fans (total 18 bathrooms). Replaced air conditioning in three computer rooms and 2 server rooms with the same capacity by higher efficiency and environmentally friendly units. Replaced air handling units in the gymnasium with new ones of same capacity (HV-12 through 15).  This project went through DSA approval process was designed with CHPS Guidelines.

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