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Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) - Daly City Intermodal Police Station - Daly City, CA

The elevated station serves as a terminus for some BART lines. It consists of three main tracks with a shared island platform and one side platform. The side platform is used primarily by southbound trains continuing on to Colma and Millbrae. The island platform is used primarily by northbound trains coming from Colma or Milbrae, or southbound trains terminating at the station. Southbound trains terminating at Daly City reverse their direction to make the return trip to San Francisco and the East Bay, unless they are going out of service at the rail yard in Colma.  Provided HVAC, plumbing and fire protection, lighting, power, intrusion alarm detection, and closed circuit television systems to existing signal systems for police station and pedestrian tunnel.  Also, provided pumping system for sump in pedestrian tunnel, exterior lighting for parking lots, and pedestrian walkways.  Provided power design for the elevator, escalators and fare gates.  Designed exterior lighting for parking lots and pedestrian walkways

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