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BART - Warm Spring Extension– Kiewit, HNTB team - Fremont, CA

NBA is responsible for:  3D model for CCTV coverage and field of view, modeling parameters of video image and video equipment, calculated the storage space (H.264, MJPEG, MPEG format) for CCTV image, network traffic, system integration with access control system, building management system, automatic ticket machine and alarm interface.  Security control systems, conduit layout for equipment room and network switch.  Portal intrusion system design as well as access controls system design.  Acoustic modeling for public address system for station platform and concourse level.  Fiber and Copper backbone design for the inter facility.  MDF (Main Distribution Frame) design for telephone system.  Design for installation details for CCTV, public address system, access control system, telephone systems and system network.  NBA is designing the systemwide ductbank. This ductbank system extends for 5 miles from Fremont Station in the East Bay to a new station at Warm Springs.  This ductbank will carry signal, communications cables to facilities including Fremont and Warm Springs stations, wayside substations, subway vent structures, maintenance of way, and wayside signal elements such as impedance bonds and signals.  NBA is working with a team using 3D (3 Dimensional) modeling software to avoid, identify and resolve conflicts with drainage, walls, fencing, and utilities.  Plans and profiles for the ductbank are natural output of the modeling producing plans ready for construction.

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